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The Federal Network Agency

Market Transparency Unit for Wholesale Electricity and Gas Markets

Monitoring of wholesale gas and electricity markets

The Market Transparency Unit for Wholesale Electricity and Gas Markets is established at Bundesnetzagentur and jointly operated with Bundeskartellamt. It collects and analyzes all data necessary for the monitoring of wholesale electricity and gas markets. The aim is to detect indications for unlawful behavior of market participants and inform the relevant authorities.


Datenqualität soll sich verbessern

AC­ER: in­for­ma­tion on da­ta qual­i­ty

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has published a second open letter on REMIT data reporting issues.


Verschiedene Kurse sind in Großaufnahme auf einem Monitor zu sehen. Eine Person deutet mit dem Zeigefinger auf einen dieser Kurse.

AC­ER pub­lish­es let­ter on da­ta re­port­ing

Contracts requiring only ad-hoc reporting upon reasoned request from ACER do not have to be reported until 31 December 2018.


Zwei Beschäftigte vor einem Rechner. Eine der beiden PERsonen zeigt etwas auf dem Bildschirm. Datenlücken gilt es zu vermeiden

AC­ER: da­ta gaps in trans­ac­tion re­ports

ACER has written an open letter drawing attention to data quality issues in connection with transaction reporting under REMIT. The letter is aimed at market participants, organised market places and registered reporting mechanisms (RRMs).


ACER Notification Platform

No­ti­fi­ca­tion Plat­form

Market participants at the wholesale electricity and gas market are subject to several reporting obligations and duties to provide information which can be communicated to Bundesnetzagentur and ACER using the ACER notification platform.



En­try in­to force of RE­MIT Im­ple­ment­ing Reg­u­la­tion

On 7 January 2015 the REMIT Implementing Regulation entered into force. The Implementing Regulation defines the details of wholesale energy products and fundamental data to be reported to ACER under REMIT. Data collected by ACER will be forwarded to the MTU Electricity/Gas.