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Elec­tric­i­ty da­ta re­port­ing

Use of data collected EU-wide under REMIT

Most of the data required for the electricity sector will be collected centrally by ACER and forwarded directly to the MTU Electricity/Gas. This means that market participants do not have to provide the same data to two separate bodies.

More information about the collection of REMIT data by ACER is available on the Bundesnetzagentur's REMIT information portal and on ACER's website.

National data collection

Data relating to the wholesale electricity and gas markets which the MTU Electricity/Gas requires to fulfil its tasks but which is not reported to ACER under REMIT will be collected nationally by the MTU Electricity/Gas.

The MTU Electricity/Gas is expected to define requirements in the electricity sector for

  • balancing energy data and
  • fundamental data for electricity generation plants of less than 100 MW.

Further information will be available on this page as and when data is to be reported to the MTU Electricity/Gas.

Date of modification: 2015.01.15

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